Simple Factory Audit

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The basic factory audit has been designed to ensure your potential manufacturing partner is a geninue factory and that they really do have the capabilities they are advertising.

The first part of the audit is a paperwork exercise. We send out 'Supplier Self-Verification Checklists' (SVC) for the factory to fill in. This is normally the point where trading companies and wholesalers drop out of the process.

Those suppliers that complete the SVC are then visited by one of our inspectors. The inspector will conduct a walk round of the factory looking at the key indicators of a factory's likely capability.

These factors include (but are not limited to), scale of the facility and number of workers, machinery age and condition, current production items, evidence of a quality system, evidence of training records, evidence of trading history.

Our inspector will then produce a report based on the visit. This report will give a non-binding recommendation on the suitability of the audited factory for the required task.

The Basic Factory Audit typically takes 1 man day, including report writing time. Reports are normally issued the next working day following our visit.

The factory does not see a copy of the report.