Laboratory Testing Services

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Alongside our range of inspection services, Quality 2 West offers a full product testing service. We have long established links with the China offices of all the major testing companies. This means we can offer you a fast service, close to the point of manufacture at excellent prices.

All products require some degree of testing. As the importer of goods into your country, you have the obligation to ensure that the product conforms to all relevant regulations, standards and directives. We can help you to identify the regulations your product must meet, we will then take responsibility to have all those tests carried out in accordance with internationally recognised protocols.

All testing reports are issued in your company name by ISO 17025 Certified Laboratories. Many factories will offer you certification of their products. This approach carries significant risk, even if you are purchasing a product already in production. Materials change, parts can be replace with cheaper alternatives and designs can be modified. There is no substitute for taking products from your batch of production and ensuring they are compliant and safe.

In all instances, a Quality 2 West inspector will visit the factory and select samples at random for testing. For obvious reasons, we will not accept samples that have been selected by your factory for testing.

We can arrange virtually any testing at very short notice. We will organise the whole process for you. We will issue a single invoice to you regardless of the testing regime. By using Quality 2 West as cialis générique your independent product testing agent you will benefit from our bulk test discounts, you will be able to demonstrate to your customers that you are taking your product liability responsibility seriously and you will have peace of mind.

To talk to us about your product testing requirement or obtain further information please get in touch.