About Quality 2 West

Quality 2 West

The fastest growing quality control service provider in Asia. Based in mainland China, our western-managed business ethics, flexibility and personal approach ensure you get much more than your typical third party inspection service. Experience the 'Q2W difference' and take control of your supply chain today.

Mission Statement

"To provide professional quality control, inspection and auditing services to companies that need a reliable supply of goods from China.  Q2W is dedicated to delivering an accurate, impartial and personal 'tier one' service at an affordable price.  We strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect."

Message from the Directors

"When you use Quality 2 West, you will get the highest quality service, support and advice.  You will always receive information in a timely and truthful fashion – we are straight talkers and we solve problems.  Our aim in business is to build long term, trusting and ‘win-win’ relationships.

If this sounds different to what you have heard about doing business in China, then that’s because it is.  Close supervision and regular guidance is almost always the solution to a successful project in China.

We hear the horror stories every day and are often called in to correct disasters that should have never occurred.  Don’t get us wrong, we love China and there are many great factories and terrific people, but their market has developed faster than their education or their culture can cope with.  We are here to bridge that gap and secure a risk free supply chain for our clients."

Our Core Services

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Our Company

Quality 2 West's origins began from within the Quality Control department of China 2 West Services Ltd a South China based manufacturing and supply chain management company founded in early 2005 in Hong Kong.  

It soon became clear that while the China 2 West customer base continued to expand among clients looking for turn-key or all-in supply solutions there was also a growing requirement for affordable day-rate quality services for those purchasers already buying direct from China factories or with tight product margins unable to accommodate the cost of an all-encompassing service package.  This rapidly expanding market need coupled with what we viewed as a failure among the well-established large inspection agencies to provide the level of service we felt our clients and all clients deserved led to the formation of Quality 2 West as its own dedicated entity.

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The Q2W Difference

At Q2W we pride ourselves on providing much more than your typical third party inspection service.  Click here to read more details on what separates Q2W from the pack and why we have become the fastest growing quality control service provider in Asia.

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Coverage Area

Q2W's inspectors operate primarily in the main industrialized zones of China. Our flat rate pricing is for audits and product inspections within the provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and Heibi. These six provinces are home to the majority of Chinese industry.  See our core coverage zones and learn more the wider scope of our inspection location capabilities. 


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No hidden extras, no nasty surprises.  

At Q2W we believe simplicity is the key to success and our easy to understand pricing structure enables you to take the guess work out of defining the costs for your quality service package.  A full quotation will be clearly defined ahead of your inspection and we will always discuss any additional costs with you before any work is booked.

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Clients and Testimonials

Q2W customers range from large scale multinationals, SME's to start-ups and even lone inventors making their first and often daunting foray into the world of Far East supply.  Review a small selection of our diverse global clients and hear what they have to say about working with Q2W.

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Q2W Affiliations

Q2W is a fully accredited member of a wide range of professional institutions.  Learn more about our affiliates.

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A Member of the C2W Group

Q2W is a member of the C2W Group family of companies established in 2005.  Learn more about the C2W Group and our diverse range of partner companies.

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